February 26 - March 01, 2018
Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites, Toronto, ON

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Global Forum Canada 2018 Brochure

The #1 event for Life Sciences Supply Chain in Canada is returning to Toronto, February 26 - March 1, 2018 at the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites. Join us at Global Forum Canada for a community-oriented, inspirational, educational, authoritative & memorable experience!

Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Marc Boisvert, Director ComOps Supply Chain, Sandoz Canada
  • Rick Prinzen, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Canadian Blood Services
  • Cedrick LaPorte-Roy, Head of Supply Chain, Mylan Pharmaceuticals
  • Terri Power Hay, Vice President Industry & Member Relations, CAPDM
  • Vincent Bureau, National Transportation Manager, McKesson Canada
  • Yatika Kohli, Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Project Office, Medicago
  • Manohar Menon, Director of Engineering, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.
  • Tonino Antonetti, Executive Director Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management, Safety & Health and Environment, Roche Diagnostics Canada

Exclusive Content

Optimizing Canada's Cold Chain in the Face of Its Vast Territories & Extreme Temperatures

The vast Canadian landscape presents numerous challenges including distance, mountain winter conditions, long hauls and ferry trips. Couple this with the sophistication of a reefer trailer today, maintaining various temperatures, the need for location tracking, security, geo-fencing, and more, etc. For this reason, Cold Chain IQ asked several professionals for their tips on how to optimize Canada's cold chain in the face of its vast territories & extreme temperatures.

Experts Weigh in on Supply Chain & Temperature Assurance Packaging

In this exclusive speaker package, hear from Rebecca Gentile, Senior Specialist, Quality, Vaccine and Biological Stability at Merck. Discussing Merck’s Supply Chain & Improving Temperature Excursions Interview. Also Geoffrey Glauser, Senior Consultant Supply Chain, HHS/ASPR/BARDA, who speaks to us about Temperature Assurance Packaging (TAP) Solutions.

2017 Canadian Pharma Cold Chain Report

We’ve reached out to our extensive worldwide network of supply chain leaders to find out the major trends in the Canadian temperature controlled supply chain market and how the industry is reacting. Now we’re sharing it with you in this exclusive report!

Industry Leader Perpectives: Part One

Check out our Sneak Peek Industry Leader Perspectives Video where we talk with Rey Chern, Director, Engineering, Amgen; Lisa Sykes, Director of Quality Operations and Sterile Network, Merck; and Bernard McGarvey, Senior Engineering Advisor, Eli Lilly and Company on how the temperature control supply chain industry has changed the most over the past several years. Email enquiry@iqpc.com to request the video link sent to you via email.

Industry Leader Perpectives: Full Video

The wait is over! We sat down and spoke with with Rey Chern, Director, Engineering, Amgen; Lisa Sykes, Director of Quality Operations and Sterile Network, Merck; Bernard McGarvey, Senior Engineering Advisor, Eli Lilly and Company; Dan Mirica, Former Head of Global Logistics, Lonza Biologics; & Henrik Fröjdh, Associate Director Supply Chain Management, Merck & Co. on:

-Temperature-controlled industry

-The biggest disruptive technologies

-Collaboration within the industry

Email enquiry@iqpc.com to request the video link sent to you via email.

2017 Post Show Report

The industry has gathered at the Cold Chain Summit Canada (now known as the Global Forum Canada) for the past 16 years to share ideas, challenge each other’s processes, & gain insight into the newest solutions on the market. Take a look at our 2017 Post Show Report to see what makes this the #1 event for temperature-controlled life science supply chains in Canada.

Market Challenges Whitepaper: Distributing Medicines in Canada

To be adequately equipped to distribute medicines throughout Canada, pharma firms must be fully educated on the bespoke pain points this region has to offer. We worked with Pharma LogisticsIQ to create a whitepaper that explores Canada’s unique complications and hurdles, which greatly complicate the task of distributing temperature sensitive medicines within the region.

Email enquiry@iqpc.com to request an emailed copy of this whitepaper.

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The following pages list the experts and industry leaders who have already signed on – they know that this event is the forum to share stories and learn new tips for all aspects of the logistical supply chain. Will we be adding your name to the list?

Attendee ROI Toolkit: Global Forum Canada

Get a jumpstart on justifying your attendance to the Global Forum Canada taking place this February 26 - March 01, 2018 at the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites in Toronto, ON! This resource packet includes everything you need to build a business case to attend including Benefits of Attending, Attendee Snapshot, Dear Boss Letter and more!

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2016 Canadian Cold Chain Attendee Report

We surveyed 250+ cold chain professionals to find out their major pain points. Take a look at this report to gain an in-depth overview of who our attendees are, their major challenges, maturity level, company revenue, and much more.


Memorable Experiences One-Pager

We know the experiences you make onsite are just as important as what you learn. That's why we're planning more onsite activities to make your experience at the event even more memorable. Email enquiry@iqpc.com to request this 1pager.


Pharmaceutical Transportation How to Increase Air Cargo's Market Share

Although the global pharma industry is booming, the air cargo share of global pharma product transport has declined.This infographic, courtesy of IATA,details this problem, its consequences and then provides a solution.

Cold Chain in Canada: Future Plans

We surveyed senior supply chain and life sciences executives in Canada to uncover their Budgets, Timelines and Purchasing Forecasts. The infographic includes the top 9 solutions that these senior executives are looking to invest in, such as air freight, data loggers and RFID.


Gilles Jr. Gregoire - Direct to Patient Temperature Controlled Supply

Join Gilles Jr. Gregoire, Global Transport Manager, Pharmascience as he discusses topics that include; the 3 biggest temperature controlled packaging trends, real time temp monitoring technologies, the growing trend towards “direct to patient” deliveries and much more.

Claude Jolicoeur - Data Sharing and Advanced Temp Monitoring Tech

Join Claude Jolicoeur, Director of Regulatory Affairs, McKesson Canada Corp as he discusses topics that include; changes within the supply chain industry on capturing and sharing data, real time temp monitoring technologies & cold chain challenges within the Canadian market.

Andrea Guisbert-Williams - Cost Savings & Sustainability Through a Switch from Air to Ocean

Join Andrea L. Guisbert-Williams, Project Manager, North American Logistics Operations, Eli Lilly & Company in an exclusive interview about the effect of growth of biologic based products on temp controlled operations, next generation medicines, and her case study, Discovering Eli Lilly’s Plan to Achieve Cost Savings & Sustainability Through a Switch from Air to Ocean.


Design and Implement a Shipping Lane Qualification for High-Value Pharma Products

Alan J. Davis, Chief Operating Officer, K.L. Harring Transportation, LLC, covers a hefty agenda for shipping lane qualifications in this presentation 1.) Analyze product requirements 2.) Define best practices and tools for implementation 3.) Conduct a security risk assessment and mitigation process 4.) Define security enhancement 5.) Off-the-shelf solutions for products without much stability data 6.) Passive versus active container qualifications, and lastly, 7.) Choosing an appropriate test profile for shipping channels.

Biogen’s Implementation of Reusable Shipper Systems for Clinical Trials

Harrison Weisberg, Specialist, Clinical Supply Management, Neurodegenerative Therapeutic Area, Clinical Drug Supply at Biogen shares the steps Biogen took for the implementation of reusable shipper systems for clinical trials.

Health Canada Audits

Louise Labelle, Affiliate Quality Leader, Zoetis Canada discusses the types of Health Canada Inspections, the challenges faced for these inspections and the preparations they took to pass the inspections.

European GMP/GDP Updates and the Real Word

Ian Holloway Senior GMDP Inspector, MHRA, UK, discusses Recent and future updates to EU GMP and GDPs, New Annex 16 – sample shipments, test and release, and risk assessment and mitigation for transportation.

Clinical Trial Case Study Non-Product Specific Qualification of Shipping Containers

Lisa Ray, Advisor of Distribution Center of Excellence & Austin Walker, Director of Quality Assurance, discuss Multi-Season Shipping Container Qualification Overview, and benefits, ambient test profiles, temperature profile considerations, clinical trial material movements, shipper recycle process, next steps and more!

Compliance with Guide-0069 Throughout a Complex Distribution Model

Rania Al-Ammar, Regional Director, Commercial Quality Hospira, a Pfizer company, discusses journey towards applying evolving Canadian requirements for temperature control of drugs during transportation, complex & diversified stakeholders network, inbound and outbound shipments, continuous improvements initiatives, and lessons learned during new product launches.


Stability Data Sharing in Canada’s Cold Chains

Ahead of the 15th Annual Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Summit we explore the state of affairs in the general industry as well as specifically to Canada in regards to stability data use in the cold chain.

The Rise of the Reusable and Sustainable Packaging in Canada

In order to delve deeper into whether reusable packaging is the right choice for the Canadian market, Pharma Logistics IQ gathered insights from a selection of experts due to feature in the 15th Cold Chain Canada Conference.

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