Pre-Conference Master Class Day

Part One: Online Course- "Temperature Assurance Packaging Fundamentals"
This self paced, online course offers training participants a systematic approach to developing a foundational understanding of Temperature Assurance Packaging. This online course is prep work that should be completed prior to attending the conference. Participants completing the ISC Labs Temperature Assurance Packaging (TAP) Certification Program will understand the fundamentals and advanced concepts of temperature assurance packaging so that they can:

Evaluate different TAP solutions as they relate to the needs of their company
Contribute knowledgeably to conversations regarding temperature assurance packaging
Guide their organizations in implementing TAP solutions

Part Two: Master Class Day- "Temperature Assurance Packaging Professional" Course
This one day, live and interactive training course conducted by adiverse team of industry experts to provide hands on instruction. The Professional Course aims to coach the participants through the entire life cycle of developing a Temperature Assurance Package (TAP), including cons iterations with regards to regulations, transportation/logistics, ambient profiles, operations, and packaging design. A "Certificate of Professional Course Completion" will be awarded to training participants successfully completing this course. During this course you will:

Understand the fundamentals of temperature assurance packaging and be able to evaluate different solutions that best meet the needs of their company
Guide the implementation of temperature assurance packaging solutions within your organization
Grasp the key processes, protocols and techniques involved in designing temperature controlled packaging
Topics of discussion include considerations for product details, regulatory, transportation, environment, operations, and packaging


Ben Vanderplas

Global Product Manager
Sonoco Thermosafe

Geoffrey Glauser

Senior Consultant, Supply Chain

Iftekhar Ahmed

Team Lead for Research & Development
Sonoco Thermosafe