A New Vision Forward.

With this exciting new year, comes a brand new program packed with the latest information on Health Canada Guide 0069 & international GDP requirements, supply chain collaborations to reach underserved Canadian patients, passive vs active packaging innovations, the impact of supply chain digitization & more. Examine the best methods to mitigate the rising pressures in Canada to keep drug quality high, but costs low through our interactive discussions with our team of experts.

Join us in Toronto in 2018 to be invovled in the key discussions that will move the industry forward. Whether your background is packaging, logistics, quality, distribution, security, supply chain management, or IT....we have something for you!  















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Topics we’ll cover during the conference include:


Understand Canada’s Pain Points
Canada is unique! At Cold Chain Canada, we will address the challenges specific to this region including the disparate temperatures, vast terrain, longer shipping times, and greater difficulty in the last mile. Learn from the best to tackle this growing market!


Review Trends in Clinical Trial Logistics
Grow your clinical supply operations through implementing new technology to further secure your sensitive samples while in transit and further optimize cost for these smaller clinical shipments. Improving clinical supply logistics will have a direct impact on the speed and quality of clinical trials.


Conserve Costs while Reducing Risk
Understand the constant balancing act of decreasing costs, while mitigating risk and remaining compliant. What corners are you able to cut and what areas are worth the larger investment?


Strengthen your Supply Chain Integrity
Assess your risks during each mode of transportation through effective lane qualifications. Test your lanes early and often, and consider each temperature area differently when choosing the best shipping mode.


Move Towards Sustainable Packaging
Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing packaging that is sustainable, affordable, and operationally efficient. Ensure ease of pack-outs and through doing more with less, and take advantage of innovative materials in the market now.


Decrease Product Loss
Secure your supply's quality through stringent stability budgets. Utilize data analytics to define the amount of TOS allowed for each product without significant risks to quality. Effectively communicate the limits for shipping outside of label claims with supply chain partners.


Collaborate with Peers
At the Cold Chain Canada Summit, the best and brightest will come together to share ideas and challenges during these 4 exciting days. Work together with all levels of the supply chain to identify areas of improvement and implement solutions immediately.


Get creative!
Use this summit as a springboard to come up with the innovative ideas that will shape the future of the industry. Work with your peers to incorporate each other’s experience into your plans to ensure that we are improving upon what worked and moving away from what did not.

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